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Snowboard courses From 10 years - 9 students maximum

Snowboard courses


Beginners level - From 10 years old

Snowboard lessons are needed to get started quickly and reduce the risk of injury by limiting bad falls.

I choose the course : BEGINNERS – MINIBOARD  if :

  • I have never boarded
  • I am not autonomous on green runs



Class 1

I choose the course : CLASS 1 – BRONZE BOARD  if :

  • I slide in a direct track
  • I side-slide in dead leaf and skewed back/front
  • I take the school ski lifts
  • I board on the green runs



Class 2

I choose the course : CLASS 2 – SILVER BOARD  if :

  • I turn to the right and to the left
  • I do continuous side-slide turns
  • I board the blue runs



Class 3 & 4

I choose the course : CLASS 3 – 4 – VERMEIL or GOLD BOARD  if :

  • I board everywhere.
  • I’d like to perfect my turns
  • I’d like to do Off-piste and Freestyle


ESI Pra Loup offers snowboarding courses throughout the season with a maximum of 9 students per group.
For more safety, efficiency and conviviality. Progression is adapted to each student. Continuous assessment and your level defined at the end of the course.
From initiation to fresh tracks, technical development on all types of snow and terrains.
The Medals is offered from 3 consecutive lessons.

From... 110 €/pers.
3 lessons